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Constructing Something Special

Construction management is a incessantly growing industry with thousands of nuances that make it extremely difficult to manage. Centerline hopes to streamline that process with a web app that integrates every aspect of it.

Building the Future

Centerline brings every part of construction into one web app: from bidding, to design, to field reports and budgeting. With a modern tool, Centerline's customers are now able to more efficiently deliver their projects on time and on budget, without the hassle of hiring more people to manage their operations. The construction industry grows every year and has shown no signs of slowing down. That makes usable and comprehensive software more valuable than ever in this space. Breach was hired to complete userflow and frontend tasks, as well as assist in some backend additions. Our goal was to create robust and clean interfaces that would be trivial to update in the future as the industry changes.

Our Impact


One of the main objectives of Centerline is to allow for easy use by any party. This meant that UI/UX was of the highest importance for this project. Our team helped by recreating some of the userflows to be simpler and more aesthetic so that anyone would have an easy time navigating and utilizing all of the features present in the web app.


Centerline is a bold piece of software. It successfully integrated an enormous number of processes and documents that are key to construction management. This means that there is an immense number of features in the project. Our team assisted in implementing several of these key features, such as a review process for specification documents and the creating and updating of documents of all kinds.


Due to the size of the Centerline codebase, it would have been impossible to not introduce a single bug. Breach helped the Centerline team find and squash bugs all across the app. Our team was also responsible for doing QA throughout the project, ensuring that no feature went without thorough testing. We also helped implement automated testing throughout the app in order to catch new bugs that would arise during future development.

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