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Building a New Future

LS-imPACt is a revolutionary academics-focused social media platform. LS-imPACt is a social media application targeted towards minority students in higher education that connects them with mentors that can give them guidance throughout undergraduate, graduate school, and their career. While still in a pre-beta stage, LS-imPACt is available for download as a demo. The full product is set to be launched sometime in August of 2021.

Bringing a New Face to Academia

LS-imPACt was started as an initiative to assist minority students in reaching post-graduate degrees by connecting with mentors that could give them the guidance they needed to succeed. The app called for many social media elements, including connections, a new and fun way to search, an advanced matching algorithm, and a comprehensive chat feature for users. LS-imPACt brought on Breach Software to build the app from the ground up. They needed an aesthetic look and a fully furnished backend to handle their userbase of students and faculty at institutions from across the U.S.

Our Impact


While LS-imPACt knew what they were looking for in terms of functionality and usability, they granted Breach full control over UI decision-making. Our team began with creating a branding document based on studying other related industry giants and LS-imPACt's own internal branding guidelines, and after refining it with their team, we created a frontend theme based on our document. The flexibility we had in design allowed for some truly creative features, including a tree-based search feature, enabling users to narrow their results by selecting relevant branches. The outcome of our design was a highly usable and accessible app that has the power to change lives.


Breach developed LS-imPACt using the React Native framework in order to save development time on duplicating features between iOS and Android. Our main focus was on providing as much value as we could with each iteration of the app. We worked closely with the LS-imPACt team to clearly reflect the vision they had for the product, and every aspect was written with quality and longevity in mind. Our team built the app to last and to be as easily maintainable as possible, and by using best practices throughout all of our codebases, we are able to efficiently tackle new features that arise at a moment's notice.


Our team was responsible for the app from conception to deployment. The LS-imPACt team had peace of mind knowing that our team would handle all aspects of the product's lifecycle. With Breach, they were able to use a single team to deploy both iOS and Android versions of the app without any extra effort on their part. This allowed them access to far more users than they otherwise would have. LS-imPACt is available for both iOS and Android on their respective stores.

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