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Mallard Bay

A New Experience

Sportsman book faster with Mallard Bay. Mallard Bay delivers the world's best experience for booking a guided hunt or fishing charter. But in order to do that, they needed top notch software to create customer loyalty and a frictionless user experience.

Sportsmen book faster with Mallard Bay

The outdoors industry has been overdue for disruption for years. Mallard Bay is a startup that is here to fix that. Mallard Bay lives at the intersection of technology and outdoors, bringing a modern look and feel to the antiquated process of booking hunting or fishing experiences. Based on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, outdoor recreation is a nearly $500 billion industry. But the amount of friction in booking experiences is incredibly high. Mallard Bay hired Breach Software to build their product and bring life to this industry-disrupting idea. Our goal was to create a functional platform that was not only aesthetic and engaging, but also so easy that users would never want to use a different option again.

Our Impact


We helped meticulously craft a brand image for Mallard Bay's digital presence that felt appealing and easy to use for all ages and technological abilities. We worked alongside the internal team to redesign several portions of the main site, as well as the admin utility dashboard for outfitters. Our design scheme was built to frame and highlight the outfitters and listings, while giving users the information they need right away to make a purchasing decision. This resulted in a high quality, professional-looking site and dashboard that is not only beautiful, but highly usable as well.


Breach worked as the primary developer for Mallard Bay's frontend, alongside the internal team. Mallard Bay's feature list is massive in scope, providing value at all levels to their customers. Breach enabled Mallard Bay to produce features far more quickly than before, building out a fully functioning app at lightspeed. We helped their team more efficiently iterate on user feedback so that the founding team could focus on building an incredible product rather than waiting on development.


Our team worked with Mallard Bay to make their platform more connected than ever before. For Mallard Bay's customers to get the most out of their platform, they needed to see their data in a usable format. We helped by building a user-friendly dashboard so that outfitters can see their bookings and revenue in real-time. We integrated with several APIs and third-parties to bring the most value as possible to each customer.

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